High Lonesome Art

Highly Fragrant hand-cut Idaho Sagebrush and Lavender Potpourri in a two-pack gift box by High Lonesome Art


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Do you long for the scent of the desert after a summer rain? Our signature Idaho sagebrush and lavender potpourri is hand cut and 100% natural. --We do not use any dyes, additives, or fragrance enhancers. --Each box contains two packages of 2 cup dried servings (approximately 3 oz. each) --For maximum aroma, simmer on a stovetop or place dried sprigs in a bowl and drizzle with three teaspoons of hot water. -- This potpourri will freshen any room in the house without chemicals --Sagebrush is not sage! The genus for sagebrush is Artemisia Tridentata--derived from the Greek Artemis or Diana...for you trivia buffs, Diana is the Goddess of the moon and daughter of Zeus. Every sagebrush was wrangled in a safe and loving manner, causing no harm to the environment or the plant

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