High Lonesome Art

High Lonesome Art's Hand-Cut Lavender and Sagebrush Potpourri in a 2 pack gift box with Three Purification Smudge Sticks


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Our signature Idaho sagebrush and lavender potpourri is hand cut and 100% natural--we do not use any dyes, additives, or fragrance enhancers. Our purification sticks are hand-tied with twine. Each box contains two packages of 2 cup dried servings (aproximately 3 oz. each) and three smudge sticks. Because these sticks are hand-tied they vary slightly in length and width, but are an average of six-seven inches long. Great for anxiety or depression, in conjunction with meditation or yoga, or as needed to chase away the blues. These products will freshen any room in the house without chemicals--for maximum aroma, simmer potpourri on a stovetop or place dried sprigs in a bowl and drizzle with several teaspoons of hot water. Burn Purification sticks mindfully! Sagebrush is not sage! Sagebrush contains camphor which is a fuel. Never leave lit or smoldering sticks unattended and make certain sticks are thoroughly extinguished after each use. THESE PURIFICATION STICKS ARE MEANT FOR CLEANSING--NOT REHOMING!!! Be mindful of pets! Smudging produces smoke and these purification sticks create a bold spicy smoke not intended for inhalation. Every sagebrush was wrangled in a safe and loving manner, causing no harm to the environment or the plant

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