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Who doesn't love a snowman? Get in the holiday spirit with our Merry Christmas Snowman scented herb sachets. Each stamped 3"x4" muslin bag is filled with wild crafted cedar tips and organic dried Hawthorne berries. This fragrance is a glorious blend of sugar and blue spruce. It is clean, crisp and refreshing without resorting to the traditional 'pine' scent. The blue spruce adds a wondrous outdoors element. These fun holiday sachets make wonderful holiday decor, just add them to a bowl and enjoy the scent of spruce! These sturdy 3"x4"cotton muslin bags are hand-filled with a generous 1/3 cup of organic herbs. These sachets will be incredibly aromatic for a long, long time -- to scent your drawers and closets, to repel moths from your knits and yarn, to freshen your car, or use in your own home crafts! No synthetic fertilizers or chemicals are used throughout the herbs and dried fruits lifetime. For use in teas, infusions, baths, facial steams, cooking, baking and more. Please note! All BULK herb sachets orders are considered custom orders. Please allow 1-2 weeks to make your order. :)

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